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3 Reasons to Protect Baby Teeth

Parents often wonder about the American Dental Association’s recommendation that children see the dentist no later than their first birthday. They only have a couple of baby teeth, and those will come out anyway, so what’s the urgency?

Consider the fact that your child’s baby teeth actually started forming when you were six to eight weeks pregnant, and permanent teeth followed in the twentieth week. You can see that a lot happens with your child’s oral health even before your little one makes their appearance in the world!

The Crucial Role Baby Teeth Play

Tiny baby teeth are certainly precious, but they play a significant role in your child’s early dental development. What happens ...

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Interview with a Dentist

Hello, all! We’re new to this, but we wanted to have a space where we can talk to you about a few things, dental related or otherwise. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our team on the website, we’ll be doing a few features about our team members here and there as well as catching you up on what’s new in the office. Hope you enjoy!

Allow us to introduce the man of the hour. His name is Dr. Duc Nguyen (Pronounced “Duke New-in” in case anyone was wondering, we get that question a lot). Dr. Nguyen graduated from NYU and completed an extra year of training at ...

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