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A wonderful place to have your dentist work done

We moved into the R.P. neighborhood back in '91 and have been going to this practice ritually ever since! I always hated going to the dentist, but not anymore! My husband and two girls have also been coming here for many years and we have ALWAYS been treated like family! From the time we walk in the door Michelle greets us with a smile! They all know our names and make us feel at home. Dr Casciari, Dr. Nguyen and their staff are an amazing team!!! They are knowledgeable, communicative, and never too busy to take the time to explain what is going on. I have had SO much work done over the years, and I have to admit, somehow it is painless!! I have recommended them to a few of my older friends and they now are extremely glad that I did! Somehow I never imagined getting my teeth cleaned and worked on would be this easy. Kate and Shannon are superb at their roles and I can honestly say that this is a WONDERFUL place to have your dentist work done!

–Diane S.

Best dentist in North County

Dr Casciari has been our family dentist for more than a quarter century. Seen his hair turn from black to gray. Prior to seeing him I had changed three dentist in a year. HE is simply the BEST in service and care!!!

-Ayesha K.

My cleaning and exam

I was very pleased with Cheryl, my hygienist. She was very friendly and thorough. My cleaning was pain free and I learned a few things about my dental health that I wasn't aware of. It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Nguyen. He is very personable and explained my options for future care.

-Mitchell W.

Dr. Casciari/Nguyen

I had the pleasure of having my teeth cleaned today and a consultation with Dr. Casciari. Dr. Casciari has been my dentist since 1984 and he is the most skilled, knowledgeable, compassionate, and personable dentist I have ever had. It is unusual to have complete confidence in your doctor's skill and protocol. I am always completely comfortable with his guidance and I have never been anything but totally relaxed when he is working on my teeth. If you are seeking the finest in dental care, Dr. Casciari would be my recommendation to anyone!

-Kirk W.

Great replacement

Dr. Nguyen is a great addition/replacement for Dr. Casciari, a dentist we really admire. Dr. Casciari is thorough, professional, funny, and offers appropriate and not too aggressive treatments. We thought with his partial-retirement we would be looking for a dentist a bit closer to home, but Dr. Nguyen quickly changes that plan. Still worth the drive from PB for such great care. I especially appreciate his taking the time to point out areas on x-rays that he thought should be on a watch list but did not need treatment, and his discussion of some issues that are cosmetic but also do not affect the health of my teeth. As for new crowns, well, they cost what they cost. Better than gumming food.

-Martha P.

Extremely high quality service and very pleasant experience

Dr. Casciari and his team are wonderful! I appreciate their attention to detail and high level of service. I would highly recommended Dr. Casciari and his team.

-Kara Z.

When you just want healthy teeth

Ever feel like a dentist was trying to sell you? Services you didn't need? Did you go from a good dental patient to a dental disaster? Try Dr. Casciari's office. Excellent care and no hard sells on the latest trends. Just good basic care from an excellent dentist. I've been seeing Dr. Casciari for more than 5 years. I went to see him after a dentist tried to tell me I needed over $3,000.00 in additional work (after my previous visit 6 months ago showed no problems). Then I found Dr. Casciari. We reviewed the advice and while he would not deride the other dentist he did assure me that those services were not necessary for me to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

-Mary T.