Tooth Extractions in San Diego

San Diego Tooth Extraction | Rancho PenasquitosWe want you to enjoy a healthy, happy smile for as long as possible, so we focus on treatments and services that preserve the health and structure of your teeth. There are times, however, when we’ve looked at every possible solution and removal of a tooth is the healthiest, most sensible option.

The idea of losing a tooth is certainly upsetting. You are losing a tooth you thought you’d have for a long time. You also have to deal with the thought of going through the procedure itself.

You can be confident knowing you are in good hands with the skilled team at Peak Dental. 

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

In some cases, it is necessary to remove a tooth on an emergency basis. Examples would be a dental trauma or severe root canal infection. However, there are a number of other reasons for extracting a tooth: 

  • We have exhausted all options for saving a severely decayed tooth.
  • A root canal is severely infected and cannot be treated any other way.
  • Wisdom teeth threaten the alignment of neighboring teeth.
  • We’re planning full or partial dentures and need to remove one or more teeth.
  • We're preparing orthodontic treatment for children.

Your Comfort Comes First

Tooth Extraction Rancho Penasquitos | Peak DentalDr. Nguyen has performed many extractions for both adults and children. His skill, combined with the latest in technology, makes the procedure safe and efficient, which reduces your stress and any post-operative discomfort.

We completely understand that having a tooth pulled is a big deal. But in the gentle hands of the team at Peak Dental, you will find that the procedure is not nearly as complicated as you thought it would be.

Your Well-Being Is Important to Us

Our family practice offers all the services you need to enjoy a lifetime of excellent oral health. We'll do everything possible to help you avoid ever having an unplanned tooth extraction, but you can count on us to be there for you if it becomes necessary. Proper dental care is important for your general well-being, and Dr. Nguyen and our team are here to help you achieve your dental goals. 

Please contact our San Diego dental office if you would like more information about tooth extraction. If you are currently in pain and require immediate care, we will take care of you right away. If it is after hours, please call our main number. You will receive a message explaining how to contact us, and we will make sure to get back to you as quickly as possible.