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April 17, 2017
Posted By: Peak Dental

Hello, all! We’re new to this, but we wanted to have a space where we can talk to you about a few things, dental related or otherwise. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our team on the website, we’ll be doing a few features about our team members here and there as well as catching you up on what’s new in the office. Hope you enjoy!

Allow us to introduce the man of the hour. His name is Dr. Duc Nguyen (Pronounced “Duke New-in” in case anyone was wondering, we get that question a lot). Dr. Nguyen graduated from NYU and completed an extra year of training at King’s County Hospital as “Resident of the Year”. He came on board in February of 2016 and has been getting to know the heart of the practice, our patients as much as possible. He does it all, from working on kids to root canals and even helping out with some of the local charity work our patients are involved in. So, without further ado, we came up with some questions we thought you might like to know.

Where is he from?

Originally, he grew up in Philadelphia, so the Eagles hold a special place in his life during football season. He is without a doubt, a huge fan.

What about his family?

Dr. Nguyen has been slowly exploring life here in San Diego for the past 5 years with his wife, Mirna, and one-and- a-half year old daughter, Ava. Coincidentally, Mirna is also known as Dr. Nguyen because she is an orthodontist! They are expecting another little girl in May.

If you ever get a chance to meet Ava, make sure to ask her about her favorite thing to do on the playground.


What made him decide to be a dentist?

Dr. Nguyen took an interest in pursuing dentistry as a high schooler. Inspired by his own dentist, he appreciated how she influenced his own oral health and found her service meaningful to her patients. He wanted to continue the long honored tradition of delivering healthcare, and as a violinist, he enjoyed working with his hands.

Proudest moment?

Becoming a father. [dawwww]

Funniest story about a patient?

After dental school, Dr. Nguyen took nightly calls during his time at his General Practice Dentistry alongside the oral surgery residents. One night, while treating an inebriated (to put it nicely) patient, the patient vomited all over the doctor! Not having a spare change of clothes, Dr. Nguyen spent the night and next day working in dried, crusty vomit.

Funny now. Not so much back then. >.<

Hopes and dreams?

Here’s what he told us: “I hope that whatever it is I do in life, I leave a positive impression on the people around me and always care for our patients at the highest level I can. My dreams of becoming a professional athlete were dashed long ago, so realistically I dream of watching my children grow up to be kind-hearted humans who make their mark on society. That… and for them to remain single until college.”

We’re happy to be able to share a small part of who Dr. Nguyen is with you. Here at Peak Dental, we hope that you will see our dentistry as a home for your smile and can’t wait for more people to join our family. Every day we work hard to make sure we’re as welcoming to our loyal patients as we are to our new friends looking for an honest, high-quality doctor. Thank you for checking us out!

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