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Do you perform extractions?

dental extractions san diegoWe’re committed to helping you keep your teeth for a lifetime. With the help of a wide array of services, our goal at Peak Dental is to do everything we can to try to save a damaged tooth. Sometimes, however, it may be in the best interest of your overall oral health to remove the tooth.

There are several cases where Dr. Nguyen may determine that extracting a tooth is the best option. A tooth may need to be extracted because it’s severely decayed, damaged by advanced periodontal disease, or compromised in such a way that it cannot be repaired. In other cases, a tooth may need to be removed because it’s poorly positioned in the mouth (such as wisdom teeth) or we are preparing you for orthodontic treatment or complete dentures.

There are many cases where Dr. Nguyen performs simple extractions. However, there are situations where we may decide that your needs would be better served by a highly skilled oral surgeon who has specialized training in more complex cases, like impacted wisdom teeth removal. In this case, our doctor will coordinate your extraction with your oral surgeon so you are always assured of the highest standard of care available.

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