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A new patient came to our office for dental Care. We improved the health of his gums and restored his teeth with crowns and fillings.

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Great replacement

Dr. Nguyen is a great addition/replacement for Dr. Casciari, a dentist we really admire. Dr. Casciari is thorough, professional, funny, and offers appropriate and not too aggressive treatments. We thought with his partial-retirement we would be looking for a dentist a bit closer to home, but Dr. Nguyen quickly changes that plan. Still worth the drive from PB for such great care. I especially appreciate his taking the time to point out areas on x-rays that he thought should be on a watch list but did not need treatment, and his discussion of some issues that are cosmetic but also do not affect the health of my teeth. As for new crowns, well, they cost what they cost. Better than gumming food.

-Martha P.

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