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Congratulations Dr. Nguyen

May 16, 2017
Posted By: Peak Dental

We are so excited to welcome his daughter, Elle, into the world. This little bundle of joy was born on Friday, May 12th in the wee hours of the morning. We wish her all the best in life and great teeth! 

In case she needs orthodontic treatment (braces), like many of us do, we thought we’d talk about what to do when white spots develop. We all know that once braces come off, all we want to do is flash those pearly whites and smile that Julia Roberts smile, but those spots are even more visible after. 

First, you should know what causes them. The white spots are a result of demineralization of the enamel. Those with poor diets and hygiene, existing white spots, cavities, fillings, and/or missing teeth are at a higher risk for developing white spots.

The best way to avoid developing white spot lesions is prevention.  

  • Good oral hygiene and diet
  • Decrease your sugar intake
  • Schedule more frequent cleanings with your dentist if needed
  • Chew xylitol gum which helps stimulate your saliva and reduce the amount of cavity-causing bacteria (making sure to be careful it doesn't get stuck in your braces)
  • Have your dentist prescribe a stronger fluoride toothpaste
  • Have your dentist apply fluoride varnish more frequently to help prevent demineralization

There’s still hope if they do eventually appear. Depending on the size and depth of the white spots, we can treat them right here in our office. Treatment options include:

  • Fluoride remineralization
  • Infiltration technique, a drill-less technique that preserves healthy tooth structure
  • Traditional filling

Just to show you what’s possible, this patient below was treated with the infiltration technique for the white lesions and traditional fillings for the areas where the teeth were breaking down.



If you have been bothered by white spots and would like discuss if they can be eliminated, we'd be happy to help! Call our office to make an appointment!

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